The new terminal opened at the Burgas airport.


The new terminal opened at the Burgas airport.

14 December 2013. The new terminal was opened at the Burgas airport (Bulgaria). The agreement on the creation of the new terminal was signed by the architectural bureau HG (Halcrow Group), the company Pascall + Watson and the Bulgarian SavantElbul. Externally, the terminal displays elements of Bulgarian culture and architecture. The terminal area is 21 000 sq. M.

The new terminal is equipped with an 31 registration rack, three checkpoints and four luggage straps. At 800 m. Will accommodate shopping areas, and 1200 m. Will go under the restaurants and cafes.

The first passengers will be accepted by the terminal next week.

At first glance, the impression of a fashionable modern style without excessive frills is created. Restrained, but with taste. The main thing is that it is convenient for passengers and service personnel.