New strike by FAB-3000 air bomb caught on video


New strike by FAB-3000 air bomb caught on video

For the second time in two days, the Russian Armed Forces used the FAB-3000 super-powerful guided bomb with the UMPC system. A three-ton aerial bomb was used against positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU) in Liptsy, Kharkov region.

According to the information, as a result of the strike, part of the building was demolished, which led to the defeat of more than 70 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and NSU. The use of such powerful munitions demonstrates a significant escalation in the use of precision and destructive weapons at the front.

The FAB-3000, equipped with the UMPC control and correction system, has high accuracy, which makes it effective for destroying large fortified targets. The attack in Liptsy underscores the desire of Russian forces to inflict maximum damage on the enemy using modern technological solutions.


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