Aircraft IL-496


The appearance of the newest aircraft IL-496M first shown to the public

The appearance of the cabin of the newest IL-496 presented to potential customers

A meeting of representatives of the manufacturer of the long-haul IL-96-400М long-haul passenger aircraft with potential aircraft operators took place in Moscow. The corporation presents the look of the cabin of a future civil aircraft.

It is noted that the liner will be assembled according to the specific needs of customers. During the meeting, two main options were demonstrated. This is a two-class layout, designed for 350 passengers and a three-class - for 305 seats. In this case, a clarification was made that a single-class layout is also provided in which the aircraft is capable of carrying the passenger 402.

With any layout the liner will be equipped with the latest passenger seats manufactured in Russia. They are created in accordance with international requirements for the level of comfort.

The package of the IL-96-400М salon will include cradles and chairs for children, as well as equipment for people with disabilities. Hot meals during the flight will be provided with Atlas standard kitchen equipment. To solve information and entertainment tasks will be used multimedia complex. His displays will be touch. Passengers will be able to use the Internet. They will be able to watch the broadcast from the cameras of the aircraft.

IL-96-400M is a modification of the IL-96 airliner. His fuselage will be ten meters longer. The plane will be different and a large number of seats, and the latest on-board equipment. Experts believe that the new airliner will be the flagship of Russian passenger traffic.

Start of mass production of IL-96-400М is expected in 2020 year.