Increase in the volume of air transportation


The volume of the Krasnodar Territory airline increased 34%

23 June. Krasnodar Region airports have increased their passenger traffic by 34% over the 5 months of this year.

As noted, the current period of the year, air carriers were transported about 2 388 million thousand passengers and important role in this played Sochi International Airport. Moreover, it is worth noting that in comparison with the past year, air transportation of goods showed great results - from the total increase this figure was 24%.

However, according to some skeptics, the increase in air traffic volume is primarily due to held in Sochi Olympics, however, given that the holiday season has just begun, it is possible to express doubts on this issue, because thanks to well-established today flights in Sochi, this summer, here come thousands of tourists - is expected, compared with the previous year, this figure will be increased by 15-17%, and of course, air transport will play a significant role.