Prince Sultan Air Base


One Iranian missile destroys a whole squadron of the US Air Force. A photo

Iran has prepared the United States a very unpleasant surprise in Saudi Arabia.

The concentration of military aircraft at the Prince Sultan airbase in Saudi Arabia almost ended in the loss of an entire squadron of F-15 fighters. The reason for this is the presence of pro-Iranian military units in Yemen with ballistic missiles and shock drones that could easily destroy an entire squadron, moreover, for this it would be enough just one ballistic missile.

Judging by the satellite image published on the Web, the US Air Force command made a completely absurd decision to place an entire squadron in the open. Given the conflict between Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United States, Iran could well launch a missile strike on Prince Sultan's air base.

“Judging by the situation at the Prince Sultan airbase, the US Air Force command was completely unaware of the seriousness of the missile attacks from Iran. In the event that the conflict continued, only one ballistic missile could be launched from Yemen, which destroyed almost two dozen fighters, leaving the United States completely helpless. Imagine yourself an Iranian missile destroying an entire US Air Force squadron. ”, - the expert notes.

It should be clarified that ballistic missiles launched from the territory of Yemen had already flown through the territory of this air base, and successfully attacked the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.

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