Landing at the airport


The cow that appeared on the runway violated the work of India's major airport

The plane of the Indian airline was not able to make a landing because of the cow that appeared on the runway.

News and information agency has data that the passenger airliner of the Indian airline could not land today at the airport of Ahmedabad (East India - Ed.) Because an unidentified object was found on the runway. As it turned out later, there was a cow on the runway of Ahmadabad International Airport, and even despite the approach of specialists, the animal refused to voluntarily leave the runway. Half an hour later, the animal managed to be lured and taken away from the airport, however, as a result of the incident, several flights were detained.

The airport of Ahmedabad is one of the most loaded air harbors in India, while the way the animal got to the protected area and remained unnoticed remains unknown.