Explosion in Syria


UN: Russia and Syria are preparing to organize a "bloody bath" in Idlib

The United Nations accused Russia and Syria of violating human rights.

United Nations, against the backdrop of the large-scale offensive in the north-west of Syria, accused Russia and Syria of violating human rights and international conventions. About it reports the British edition of "Express", obviously trying once again to demonstrate to the world the threat posed by Russia.

The large-scale offensive operation on the province of Idlib, Latakia and Hama, which began a few days ago, will be a decisive blow to the positions of the militants of the Jays al-Izza group and the terrorists of the Islamic State (IGIL, a terrorist group whose activities are officially banned in Russia. Ed.). Nevertheless, as analysts emphasize, UN representatives unexpectedly recalled their duties and started talking about the Russian military and Syrian government exposing the civilian population to risks, completely not thinking about how to restore the Arab Republic after a long civil war and the siege by terrorists.

"Actually, where was this pseudo-organization, when Syria was trying to bomb with cruise missiles? Where were the UN observers when the United States and Israel shot down Syrian airplanes? Why is the UN silent when part of Syria remains captured by the US? Frankly, it is already quite clear, under whose control this organization is located ", - the expert Avia.pro comments.

The exact nature of the UN statement is still unknown, but there is a suggestion that Russian military aircraft providing colossal support to the Syrian government troops will be able to quickly knock out US-backed militants from Syria, which will greatly weaken Washington's position in the Middle East.

It's strange. At the highest political level, Russia announced the successful completion of the operation to defeat IGIL and other terrorist groups and to withdraw Russian troops from Syria. Now we are again ruining IGIL, again we are helping the Syrian army. On what grounds? Or did I miss something? And most importantly. There is no money in the budget. For the sake of what aggravate.