The dangerous Su-30 maneuver in front of a US military aircraft hit the video

Fighter Su-30 performed a dangerous maneuver next to the US military.

The Su-30 fighter, intercepting the American military aircraft EP-3E Aries, which, as it turned out, violated the airspace of Venezuela, made a number of dangerous maneuvers near an American airfield, which caused a number of disturbances from the US Air Force.

As can be seen in the video, the Su-30 fighter belonging to the Venezuelan Air Force not only approached the American military aircraft, but also began to perform maneuvers, which in Washington were considered extremely dangerous. On the other hand, earlier Venezuelan media have already reported that an American military aircraft was supposed to be forced to sit on one of the military bases, but the latter, a few minutes before the arrival of the Su-30 fighter, left Venezuela’s airspace.

“There is almost no doubt that Venezuela could have forced the American side to land. On the other hand, by their actions, the Venezuelan Air Force made it clear that they are ready to act radically, which, obviously, could force the US Air Force to abandon violations of the airspace of this Latin American state. ”, - the expert notes.

According to some reports, the Venezuelan Air Force fighter flew from one of the military bases in the north of the country before the American reconnaissance aircraft entered the Venezuelan airspace.

Well done, you could carefully and ram, carefully so that you can manage to eject! Obviously, this pilot could!