The type of Western fighter that will be received by the Ukrainian Air Force has been determined

The West has decided on the type of fighters that will be transferred to Ukraine.

The speaker of the Air Force of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, confirmed the information that Ukraine will receive Western fighters. According to Ignat, during the negotiations, it was possible to reach certain agreements and decide on the type of fighters that the Ukrainian Air Force will receive in the near future. Moreover, there is information that two countries intend to organize the supply of combat aircraft to Ukraine at once.

According to Yuri Ignat, Western countries have decided to provide Ukraine with their combat aircraft. We are talking about one type of aircraft. At the same time, in the near future, the question of how many fighters can be transferred to Ukraine will be discussed - at the moment it is known that we are talking about at least six combat aircraft.

The speaker of the Air Force of Ukraine did not name the type of fighters, however, in all likelihood, we can talk about F-16 fighters, which the Netherlands had previously intended to transfer to Kyiv, or about Dassault Rafale fighters from the French Air Force.

The transfer of combat aircraft to Ukraine is definitely an escalation, however, earlier the West completely ignored the "red lines" defined by the Russian side.



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