A new video of the execution of a Russian bomber over Syria by Turkey was published

A video of an attack on a Russian Su-24 bomber appeared.

A few hours ago, the Turkish military tried to shoot down the Russian Su-24 front-line bomber, which carried out attacks on terrorist positions in Idlib. Despite the absence of official statements from Russia and Turkey, another video appeared, on which you can watch directly the moment of the attack of the Russian bomber.

In the presented video frames, you can see how a Russian bomber has already launched an anti-aircraft missile with a thermal guidance head and obvious concern in the ranks of those around (presumably pro-Turkish militants - approx. Ed.), Who noticed that the missile is unlikely to hit its target.

Despite a very serious danger, the crew of the Russian front-line bomber managed to make a deceitful maneuver and release heat traps that distracted the anti-aircraft missile, which avoided the tragic consequences, although with great difficulty.

At the moment, information about exactly who was behind the attack on the Russian bomber is very different - according to the source, we are talking about Turkish forces, while a number of other sources of information indicate that the anti-aircraft missile was launched by militants.

It should be clarified that according to some reports, Turkey handed over at least 200 MANPADS to terrorists, which carries very serious risks, which could force Russia to bomb potentially dangerous regions of Syria.

The issue is not shooting, but the supply of weapons and the use of aviation. Spot bombing can be replaced by carpet.

Of course, all this would be if not for one BUT. You are not in the cockpit of this fighter and you are not patrolling as part of a military police convoy.

And where does it say about injustice?

The heart is contracting. Why should our boys risk their lives there?

Absolutely right! Immediately it was necessary to destroy the place where the rocket launch was.

I sincerely do not understand, military operations are ongoing, Russian planes are taking lives from militants, but they are people too, and they have the right, by the right of military operations to take their lives, defending themselves from the Russian military, this is the law of war, and why such a stir? What is not justice? in relation to our military? or is everything possible for us? and they nothing?

Exactly ours, on the wings

why is the source of the rocket illiquid?


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