Published satellite images of the airbase "Engels-2" after the attack of the Ukrainian drone

Satellites took the first pictures of the Engels-2 airfield in the Saratov region.

After Ukrainian drones attacked the Russian military airfield "Dyagilevo" near Ryazan, as well as the airfield in Saratov, satellite images appeared. A satellite image of the Dyagilevo airfield showed damage to the Tu-22M3 bomber, however, the latter are not critical. However, after the publication of satellite images of the Engels-2 airfield, changes were also noticed here - in all likelihood, the Tu-95 strategic bomber was also damaged.

On a satellite image of the Engels-2 military airfield in Saratov, you can see that there is a kind of spot under the plane. According to the assumptions of a number of analysts, we can talk about foam used to prevent fires or to extinguish fires. Due to the relatively low resolution of the satellite image, it was not possible to determine this anomaly. However, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that two aircraft were damaged as a result of attacks by Ukrainian drones, although their type was not named.

It should be noted that the threat of new attacks from Ukraine remains, especially since a little earlier it became known about the attack on the airfield in Kursk, as well as unsuccessful attempts to attack the Belbek airfield in Crimea.


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