Tu-134UBL aircraft


Video footage of testing unique Russian military aircraft published

Unique combat training Russian aircraft back in service

There was a video test of the rarest Russian Navy aircraft Tu-134UBL. The tests were carried out at the Minsk Aviation Engine Plant.

On board the aircraft there are clearly visible inscription "Black Sea Fleet" and the image of a dolphin. The machine, after running along the runway, took off. Her flight lasted three hours.

The task of the Tu-134UBL is to ensure the educational process of cadets preparing to fly Tu-22М3 bomber. In 2012, the class of sea-launched missile aviation was eliminated in Russia, but these aircraft are capable of bombing ships. This can be provided by the X-32 air-to-surface cruise missiles.

In 2011, under President Dmitry Medvedev, the Tu-134UBL was written off. A presidential decree on such an action appeared after the crash of a passenger plane of this type, which happened near Petropavlovsk. Although the decree dealt only with civil aviation aircraft, the Ministry of Defense decided to write off military aircraft as well. At that time, the Ministry of Defense was led by Anatoly Serdyukov. Since there was no alternative, after a few years the Tu-134 combat training version was returned to service.

The usual 134 is well crammed with some kind of equipment. However, I must say that the car’s glider is magnificent with a large margin of safety. Now they don’t, and it’s a pity the multi-purpose vehicle was

This is not a unique military aircraft, but scrap metal with wings.

In Minsk, there is no aircraft plant. Tu-134UBL - a modification of another 70-s.
What the article - did not understand.