Airstrikes of VKS


Published video footage of the most powerful attacks of the VKS in Syria

Russia attacked militant positions in Idlib, inflicting powerful air strikes.

Russian military aviation, based on the Khmeimim military airbase, launched a series of large-scale attacks on Idlib province this afternoon, destroying the key positions of the militants and terrorists Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham (terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.). It is reported that Russian fighters and bombers dropped both bombs and fired rockets on Idlib, while there are indications that as a result of unprecedented air strikes several dozens of terrorists were killed.

Considering the presented video frames, at least two dozen air strikes were inflicted on Idlib, while the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stressed that the actions of the videoconferencing system were coordinated with the Turkish side, which was primarily due to the fact that the areas on the Syrian border were bombarded and turkey.

It should be clarified that the air strikes of the VKS of Russia were made both in the daytime and at night, while it was possible to eliminate several warehouses with weapons, as well as key collection points for terrorists.

The terrorists "Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham" have already managed to accuse Russia of disrupting agreements to create a conflict de-escalation zone in Idlib, while the militants said they were preparing a response.

No, Russia is not fighting for the interests of Israel. Yes, Israel needs missile strikes on Syria so that they can not take away the Golan Heights. The United States is also interested in this.

Not in Syria but in the US militants who are now in Syria

Russia is fighting for the interests of Israel