Complex C-400


The main US ally decided to acquire Russian C-400

Russian C-400 complexes are gaining popularity with the US allies.

Russian air defense systems S-400 proved so promising that even US allies decided to purchase these complexes for armament. Initially, Turkey made such a statement, which very rigidly outlined its position on this issue, including threatening the US to break all agreements if Washington adopts any sanctions measures. Nevertheless, according to the latest data, Saudi Arabia has also decided to purchase Russian S-400 systems, which is one of the main allies of the United States.

According to the source, the purchase of Russian S-400 Triumph SAM by Saudi Arabia is primarily due to the low efficiency of American missile defense systems, in particular, the Patriot systems, which with rare exceptions can react to missiles launched in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, given the fact that Iran is developing ballistic missiles, Saudi Arabia simply will not have the means of protection, and Russian complexes of C-400 have clearly succeeded in this.

All this will hit the authority of the United States not only in the region, but also in the world, but Riyadh has already been warned that the deal with Russia could end with the imposition of serious sanctions, although it is obvious. Saudi Arabia, this issue is of less concern for now.

Russian S-400 SAM systems can detect stealth planes and missiles launched by the enemy, and effectively destroy them, that is, in fact, the complexes are more promising than American Patriot systems that have already failed three times to intercept the missiles from the territory of Yemen by Riyadh.

Officially, the deal between Saudi Arabia and Russia did not take place, however, obviously, this issue will be resolved this year.

* S-400 SAM system "Triumph" - Russian medium-range and long-range air defense missile system.