A deputy of the Kursk region, who is vacationing in Mexico, was threatened with a "Wagner sledgehammer"

Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Andrey Turchak threatened the Kursk deputy, who is vacationing in Mexico, with the resignation of "Wagner's sledgehammer".

Against the background of the appearance of a video with the Kursk deputy Maxim Vasilyev, who is vacationing in Mexico, which was criticized by the residents of the Kursk region and citizens of other regions of Russia, they threatened to resign using the “Wagner sledgehammer”. Turchak offered Vasiliev to voluntarily resign his powers or to help him do this with a "Wagner sledgehammer" or "Kick Starovoit".

“The height of cynicism and inhumanity. No homeland, no flag. No honor, no dignity. No brains. <...> I don’t know what will inspire the Vasilievs to this decision: “Wagner’s sledgehammer”, “Starovoit’s kick” or the realization of their insignificance, albeit belatedly, but I hope that after the New Year holidays the ranks of Kursk deputies will thin out ”- said Andrei Turchak, Secretary of the General Council of United Russia.

Turchak did not explain what exactly he meant by the decision in the form of a “Wagner sledgehammer”, however, earlier members of the Wagner PMC were accused of using this tool to “obtain information”, as well as to eliminate those who refused the terms of the contract.

Vasiliev has not yet commented on Turchak's statement.


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