Retired US Air Force pilots want to fly F-16 fighters in Ukraine

Retired US Air Force pilot Dan Hampton, who flew F-16 fighter jets for two decades, has expressed his readiness to participate in the conflict on the side of Ukraine against the Russian Aerospace Forces. He stated this in an interview with a Ukrainian television channel, confirming his intentions and mentioning a group of American pilots ready to join him. Hampton, known for his achievements in the US Air Force and participation in military operations in the Persian Gulf, Kosovo and Iraq, noted that, together with his colleagues, he wants to provide full support to Ukraine in its confrontation with the Russian Federation.

During his military career from 1986 to 2006, Hampton flew 151 combat missions, accumulating more than 720 combat hours and, by some accounts, shooting down at least 21 enemy aircraft. However, the participation of such an experienced pilot in the Ukrainian conflict poses new challenges for him, as he and other pilots will have to face modern Russian Su-35S and Su-57 fighters on aging F-16s. This circumstance, according to experts, significantly reduces the chances of Hampton and his team of success in possible air battles against pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces.


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