Syrian Air Force


OPCW: Syrian aircraft dropped bombs on villages with sarin

Specialists of the OPCW accused the Syrian authorities of using chlorine and sarin.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has submitted a report stating that in March 2017, a number of Syrian settlements were dropped ammunition with chemical poisoning substances - according to preliminary data, we are talking about chlorine and sarin. The report says that it was possible to establish this mainly on the testimony of witnesses, which clearly casts doubt on the independence of the investigation.

"It took experts more than a year to determine whether chemical weapons were actually used on the territory of Syria, which indicates a low qualification of specialists dealing with this issue. Moreover, evidence of the use of poisonous substances is indirect rather than direct, as they are based on testimony of witnesses, which may well be all the same fighters who oppose the power in Syria ", - say independent experts.

The report submitted by the OPCW raises a lot of doubts, since if it really is ammunition stuffed with poisonous substances, the number of victims and dead would be enormous.

"A bomb with poisonous substances can destroy half of the population of a multimillion-dollar metropolis, but in this case we are talking only about a large number of victims, and therefore it is logical to assume that the information contained in the OPCW report does not correspond to reality", - the expert comments.

It should be clarified that in April 2018, Syria was subjected to massive missile and air strikes, the main circumstance was the accusation against the Syrian authorities in the use of chemical agents against civilians, but the OPCW inspectors stated that the chlorine was indeed sprayed, but only from cylinders, which indicates the created provocation

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