The consequences of the Ukrainian attack on the transport passage through the Kerch Strait are announced

The consequences of the attack on the Crimean bridge became known.

FSB Major General Valery Malevanny stated that Russian air defense systems are in constant combat readiness and are able to repel any attack on the transport passage through the Kerch Strait, regardless of whether the attack will be carried out from the sea or from the air.

“You need to know what the defense of Krymsky Bridge is: these are three special zones where the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, the latest Bastions, radar stations, and electronic warfare systems stand - it is simply entangled with protective equipment on all sides. Moreover, there is a special detachment of swimmers who guard this bridge from saboteurs "- said retired Major General of the FSB in an interview with the Federal News Agency.

It should be clarified that the topic of the attack on the Crimean bridge began to be discussed especially sharply after a statement was heard on the Russia 24 television channel about the undermining of the Crimean bridge, which was allegedly planned by the SBU.

Earlier it was reported that any unauthorized approach to the Crimean bridge will be immediately stopped by any available methods and means.

And not even discussed!

only reproach to the author - do not make blunders always double-check

Andrew, Your Words, yes to God ,,,, in Ears !!!! How tired we all are of humiliation! When we do this "filth", no, we won’t win, it’s on us ... not needed! The curtain, and only the "curtain" of DAGGERS - can give us the opportunity to _ LIVE QUIETLY _ - and live a normal happy life! After all, there was a time, TIME of the USSR, and not everything there was so fatal! as crappy rogues from the West write!


I support Andrey.

The border of Russia is sacred and inviolable. Everyone who violates it must be destroyed!

Exactly so, without unnecessary demagogy in the form of repeated warnings and persuasion !!!!

If there really is information about the SBU’s desire to blow up the Kerch bridge, diplomatically, it is necessary to force Ukraine to apologize. If they do not, break diplomatic relations and recognize Ukraine as an ENEMY.

I fully support ...

I support, I agree.

That's right, Andrey! I think that’s what it was intended to be.

Didn’t they give you a hangover?

Well done, I support, just like that!

Shoot down and only shoot down everything that the enemy flies up! Shoot down and only shoot down without warning! Shoot down and drown everything that the enemy is getting to the bridge and in general to the territory of Russia !!! Stoke. I’ll bring down and destroy everyone and everything that threatens Russia and the Russians !! Stop threatening with your fingers! Gone are the days of threats! Any bastard as a two-legged and in the form of countries and alliances understands only the language of power !!! When the teeth of two-legged people fly, and the technology of countries and alliances there are few who want to repeat !!!
Gone are the days of talk !!!


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