Palestinians are attacking the occupying region of Israel with hundreds of missiles. Video

Israel’s attempt to occupy the Palestinian territories has grown into a powerful Palestinian rocket attack.

Israel’s open occupational activity aimed at seizing the primordially Palestinian territories resulted in a powerful attack by Palestinians who fired at least a hundred rockets through the territory of the Jewish state, of which only about half managed to intercept Israel’s Iron Dome air defense systems.

On the presented video frames you can see how dozens of missiles are fired on Israeli territory, moreover, the shelling is carried out both in the daytime and at night, while, according to unofficial data, at least 20 Israeli citizens suffered as a result of the Palestinian attack, and in some cases locals were injured precisely from the shrapnel of Israeli missile defense.

It is noteworthy that the Palestinians began to use much more powerful missiles, in particular, we are talking about Badr-3 missiles having a warhead weighing 200 kilograms, however, at the moment there is no information about the hit of these missiles on targets in the territory controlled by Tel Aviv.

It should be clarified that, contrary to the world community, Israel decided to occupy the Palestinian territories, which led to riots on the border, and Israel’s attempts to suppress the protests led to missile attacks. What is noteworthy is the fact that the Hamas group has from several hundred to several thousand missiles, which can guaranteed lead to serious losses for Israel.

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