Missile attacks on Israel


Palestinians resumed rocket attacks on Israel

Missiles fired from Gaza continue to fall on Israel.

The night before yesterday Israeli territory subjected to the most large-scale rocket fire in the entire history, according to official data, at least 370 missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip, while the Israeli missile defense system “Iron Dome” managed to intercept only a quarter of the missiles. This afternoon, the Palestinians resumed launching missile strikes against Israeli territory, stating that they were retaliatory measures. on Israeli air force strikes, in which civilians were killed and injured.

The exact number of missiles launched across Israel is not officially announced - according to the Israeli side, there were no real shelling, but local residents say they have issued warnings about rocket attacks, as well as explosions, while Palestinians claim that at least three dozen missiles.

According to the Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel, a state of emergency may be declared in the country in the near future and a mobilization of reservists may be announced, but according to recent reports, the Palestinians and Israel have agreed to a temporary cease-fire.

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