Panic in the US: Russian bombers "emerged" off the coast of Alaska

Russian strategic bombers scared the US.

According to the available information and news resource Avia.pro, American fighters were forced to fly to the interception of two Russian strategic bombers-missile carriers Tu-95, which were unexpectedly seen off the coast of Alaska. According to preliminary information, Russian military aircraft were seen near the borders of the US airspace, about a thousand kilometers from the coast of Alaska.

The appearance of the Russian strategic bombers-missile carriers Tu-95 was a complete surprise for the US Department of Defense, and in connection with this, the 5 fighter X-XMXX-22 fighters were urgently sent for intercepting these aircraft.

Despite the extremely close spans of the Russian strategic Tu-95 bombers at the US borders, the crews of military aircraft showed no aggression, and there were no violations of the airspace of the United States of America. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the unexpected appearance of Russian Tu-95 bombers off the US air borders caused loud discussions in the press, where it is reported that Russia is testing the Pentagon's readiness for possible air strikes, which, incidentally, has nothing to do with reality .

After the alienation of Russian planes, American F-22 fighters stopped their escort.

There have been no official comments on this matter from the Pentagon or the US Department of Defense.