Wedding in an airplane


Pope Francis married during a flight attendant flight and stewardess

Pope Francis married a flight attendant and a flight attendant right during the flight.

As it became known to the information and news agency, Pope Francis Francis, during his tour of Latin America, was on board a passenger liner, married during the flight attendant flight and stewardess. With such an unusual request, 39-year-old Paola and 41-year-old Carlo turned to the Roman pontiff right at the time of the flight, referring to the fact that they have been married for several years, however, because the earthquake of 2010 destroyed the local church , they could not get married.

Hearing such a touching story, Pope Francis Francis could not refuse the airline staff and held a wedding ceremony on board the aircraft, assuring that a little later, the couple will receive a certificate, as envisaged by the Catholic Church.

It should be clarified that, despite the fact that the wedding procedure on board the aircraft is not provided for by aviation regulations, the crew did not interfere with this, and also asked for a blessing.