The paratrooper jumped out of the plane a minute before the disaster, leaving his son inside

The tragedy happened near the Irish city of Edenderry.

Paratrooper Chris Kasprzhak performed a jump from an airplane, leaving his seven-year-old son, Casper, on board. A few minutes after the jump, the aircraft crashed. The boy and the pilot died. The investigation into the circumstances of the incident took up the police, reports the Daily Mail.

An experienced parachutist from Ireland took his son with him, as he was very fond of flying and in the future dreamed of following in the footsteps of his father. In addition to Kasprzhak with his son, there were also 15 paratroopers on board the aircraft, who successfully jumped.

A few minutes after Kasprzhak was overboard, the aircraft abruptly changed course and fell to the ground. Pilot Neil Bowdich and seven-year-old Casper were killed.

The landed Kasprzhak was simply in despair of grief. In trying to get his son's body from under the wreckage of the plane, he began to dig the earth with his hands.

To investigate the circumstances of the tragedy, an investigation team was formed. Pilot Boudich was a professional. His former colleagues do not believe that the plane crashed because of his fault.

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