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Passenger "JetBlue" insulted the daughter of Trump

American Airlines «JetBlue» expects a serious scandal.

The culprit is the fact that on the eve of the day the daughter of the future president of the United States, Donald Trump, carrying out flight, was insulted by one of the passengers of this flight. As the official sources, the man was outraged by the fact that with him on board is the daughter of the election victory of Donald Trump, which is why he not only insulted the girl, but also expressed in its address a number of threats.

Representatives of the airline so far do not want to comment on this incident, believing that it will cause a violent resonance in society, and for the actions of the passenger, the carrier most likely still has to pay a large fine, as crew members did not respond properly to its inadequate actions.

Inappropriate behavior can be in any public place. Because private car preferable bus. And the police will not put each.


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