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Airline JetBlue


The "JetBlue" passenger was bitten by a dog

The passenger of the JetBlue airline was bitten by a dog.

As reported by Brittany Langlois, in preparation for the flight on the American JetBlue air carrier, due to the fault of the airline employees who were loading the dog into the plane, she was bitten, as a result, the woman was forced to leave the flight. The dog did not bite any serious health consequences, however, the passenger had to miss an important flight for her, and to independently purchase air tickets for a new one, since the carrier not only refused her compensation, but also made no apologies.

Moreover, as it turned out later, it was not possible to establish the identity of the owner of the animal either - for unknown reasons, all documents were lost, however, the woman stated her firm intention to go to court and recover from the airline a good compensation.


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