Dangerous landing


Passenger airliner made the most dangerous landing across the strip

A passenger airliner Boeing 757 made the most dangerous landing.

The impressive and dangerous landing of the passenger plane Boeing 757, owned by the airline "TUI Airways", was filmed by eyewitnesses Sunday before last. The strongest gusty wind unfolded and overturned the plane, which almost led to a plane crash, but thanks to the professionalism of the crew, the aircraft was successfully landed at Bristol International Airport.

As can be seen on the presented video frames, the plane of the air carrier “TUI Fly” throws from side to side, and the landing approach itself is performed by the pilots almost sideways, having managed to deploy it only after touching the runway surface.

It is known that at the time of landing the wind speed reached 20 m / s. (72 km / h. - Ed.), While neither the plane itself, nor the passengers on board were injured.

It should be clarified that Bristol International Airport is glorified by difficult meteorological conditions, and therefore landing here is almost always quite problematic, however, according to experts, the landing of the passenger Boeing 757 was really dangerous.

Pilot professional! Before touching, he turned to the wind.