Ulyanovsk Airport


Passenger flight could not sit in Ulyanovsk due to lack of electricity

Due to a power outage at the airport Ulyanovsk, the plane from Moscow had to be planted in Kazan.

The incident occurred in the evening of the last day, and as reported news portal Avia.pro representatives of the Ulyanovsk airport, because of the lack of electricity in the terminal building, it was decided to redirect the plane of airline "UTair"In Kazan, which, of course, the causes and the air carrier, and a lot of inconvenience to passengers.

Eyewitnesses report that at the time of arrival of a passenger flight to Ulyanovsk, the aircraft circled for half an hour over the airport, and after it became clear that the landing was impossible, headed towards Kazan. It is noted that as a result of the incident, an airplane with passengers arrived in Ulyanovsk with more than three hours delay.

As a result of heavy rains of 01.07.2015 year, a short circuit of high voltage power lines occurred at Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) airfield, from which the weather service equipment was supplied. As a result, there was no possibility of meteorological observation at the aerodrome. The airport terminal building, runway and other aerodrome facilities worked in regular mode. To ensure flight safety in accordance with regulatory documents in the absence of meteorological surveillance at the aerodrome, the commanders of the aircraft can not make a decision on landing aircraft at this aerodrome. In 21.18 airfield, Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) was closed for receiving and releasing aircraft. In this connection, the flight of UT 183 from UTair from Moscow carried out a landing at a spare aerodrome in Kazan. A flight WZ 219 airlines RedVings from Moscow and the flight RG 231 airlines RusLine from St. Petersburg made a landing at the airport Ulyanovsk (Vostochny). In 00.15, the power of the meteorological service equipment was restored and the airfield was open to receive and release aircraft. Flight UT 183 flew from Kazan to Ulyanovsk in 01.33 and the flight UT 184 was sent from the airport Ulyanovsk on schedule. Flight WZ 219 Ulyanovsk-Moscow and flight 426 RG Ulyanovsk-Mineral waters were sent from the airport Ulyanovsk (Vostochny). Airport Ulyanovsk has taken measures for the comfortable delivery of passengers from the airport Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) to the airport Ulyanovsk (Vostochny).