Air Asia crash


Passenger aircraft airline "Air Asia" with 155 passengers suffered crash

Passenger airliner Airbus A320-200 owned airline «Air Asia» crashed near Indonesia.

Contact passenger airliner belonging to the Malaysian air carrier «Air Asia» and operate flights from Surabaya to Singapore was lost around midnight Moscow time. As it became known later, 161 airliner with a man on board, of which 155 passengers hit severe turbulence, causing a system failure occurred and the control plane began to lose altitude.

It also became known that a few minutes before the airliner disappeared from radar, the pilots of the aircraft requested a new route, but soon the connection with the plane was lost.

Search and rescue operation at the crash site airliner has already begun, but the details of that are not currently available.

Air Asia is the budget carrier of Malaysia, and it makes flights to more than 400 different destinations in 25 countries. An air crash that has occurred today will certainly be investigated, and it is likely that the true causes of the incident will soon be established. According to a number of suggested assumptions, the fuel could run out in the plane, but it should be taken into account the fact that passenger airliners of this type are filled with a reserve, and given that the aircraft actually carried out the air flight for a short distance, this version may turn out to be erroneous.