Aircraft collision with a wall


Passenger aircraft broke through the brick wall and flew on

The passengers of the Boeing 737 airliner miraculously avoided the tragic disaster.

As follows from the information provided by Fox News, a passenger airliner Boeing 737, owned by the airline "Air India"While flying from Trichinopoli Airport (India) to Dubai, however, during the acceleration process, the aircraft failed to gain sufficient speed to take off, causing the airliner to hit the brick wall enclosing the airport, causing serious damage only miraculously escaped tragedy.

As seen in the photographs presented, the passenger aircraft received serious damage to the fuselage, almost completely destroying a massive brick wall. Nevertheless, the crew of the passenger airliner not only did not pay attention to the collision, but continued the flight to Dubai, risking the lives of a hundred and fifty people aboard. It is known that the airport manager Trichinopoli twice warned the crew of the aircraft about possible damage, but the aircraft commander stated that all systems were working.

The passengers aboard the aircraft stated that they actually felt a blow during the take-off, but did not give it proper importance. However, after they saw the story in the news releases, they literally flew into a rage as the crew risked their lives for fear of disrupting the flight.

“I’m sure that I’ll never fly with this airline. They have obvious security problems. ”, - said one of the passengers.

"We could all die, and the crew did not even attach any importance to this."- said passenger "Air India".

"I can not believe that this really happened", - commented on the situation by another of the passengers of the ill-fated flight.

Upon the incident that has taken place, an inspection is being conducted, while the source reports that the leadership of the Indian airline has already suspended the pilots aboard from work, qualifying their actions as dangerous.