Airline UTair


Passenger plane landed in Moscow with a broken chassis

In the capital's airport Vnukovo, Airliner airline "UTair"Landed with a broken chassis.

According to information, the flight was from Voronezh, however, despite the problematic situation, none of the passengers and crew members of the flight was harmed.

According to some information, information about the broken disk of the chassis of the aircraft became known even with the departure of the aircraft from Voronezh - airport employees found debris on the runway, after which the data on this were given to the flight crew in order to exclude possible problems in landing ..

Why the disk crumbled during overclocking on the runway remains unknown.

In addition, just a few hours ago, representatives of the airline "UTair" denied the current information, and attempts to our information resource to contact representatives of airports in Voronezh and Vnukovo failed.