Passengers jumped out of an airplane


Passengers jumped from a falling New Zealand airplane a few seconds before the crash

Passengers of the New Zealand airline "Skydive Taupo" jumped out of the falling plane.

Now it became known that there were 13 people aboard the aircraft, of which seven were crew members. When, for unknown reasons, the plane began to lose altitude over Lake Taupo, flight attendants provided all passengers with parachutes, so that in turn they could leave the aircraft before it crashed.

The last couple of people evacuated from the plane left the board a few seconds before the collision of the aircraft with water, and only for these reasons there were no casualties. The representative of the airline "Skydive Taupo" claims that none of the people even got injured, except for a few minor abrasions, but despite this, experts still have to find out all the details of what happened.