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Pentagon: China is preparing a large-scale strike against the US

The US Defense Ministry accuses China of preparing a large-scale strike against the United States.

In a report prepared by the US Department of Defense, it is reported that China plans to deal a massive blow to the United States and its allies, using all its might, including aviation and navy.

"Over the past three years, they (the Chinese Armed Forces) have extended the surface operations of their bombers, gaining experience in complex sea areas, and are probably training to attack the United States and its allies", is listed in the official report. It is reported that the attack, most likely, is planned not for the continental US, but for individual military bases and islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Experts with skepticism reacted to such a report, noting that China has enough weapons to not involve its combat aircraft in such armaments, moreover, China's interest in US military bases is practically zero.

"The Pentagon decided to come up with new enemies, to present China as an aggressively-minded country and to impose sanctions on it. If the PRC really decided to hit the US, then the Pentagon would have been informed about this at the last minute ", - stressed military analyst

It should be noted that China has not received any official comments in response to these allegations.