The Pentagon aimed Russian missiles at its satellites

The Pentagon made yet another fatal mistake.

Vice President of the United States of America Mike Pence made a statement that in the near future the country will create a military space ministry. In fact, this means that the United States really wants to tackle the militarization of space, but experts say that the Pentagon has only aimed Russian and Chinese missiles at American satellites.

The scandalous statement of US President Donald Trump about the creation of the Military Space Forces caused heated discussion. Experts believed that Trump's intentions would not be properly supported, but given Pence's statement that a new ministry would be created by the year of 2020, it is logical to assume that the United States will indeed engage in the militarization of outer space.

Given this fact, military analysts have suggested that it will automatically lead to the readiness of Russia and the PRC to provide all kinds of counter-attacks, will allow the destruction of space satellites with rockets and thereby deprive the United States of any advantage in case of any need.

"To date, both Russia and China are armed with missiles capable of hitting space satellites. If Washington believes that Russia will never resort to this, then US military experts can be safely dismissed ", - said a specialist Avia.pro.

Forced to boast and demonstrate military technology (the example of Donald Cook), which in principle would not have to demonstrate. The situation is now serious. Russia is pressed by Iran's pohlesche.

I agree with 100. in the light of sanctions - to prohibit the passage of US satellites

It's ridiculous, he did not laugh like that for a long time! Sputnik is not a plane, it can not fly! Learn physics and astronomy!

What prevents to declare a ban on the flight of military satellites over Russia? Civilian satellites must pass the identification procedure, who failed to pass are subject to zeroing.

And then in the comments whine "vsepropalshchikov." But would you call me at least one of those times in Russia or the USSR, when ordinary people lived better in everyday life than now?

I'm happy for you, really. Only and on the sides need to look. We have millions of poor old people who "did not fit into the market." Millions of children in primary school without breakfast, because their parents have nothing to pay for these breakfasts.

Are you serious, Dmitri? Do not joke? Do not work out the "state order"? I'm just wondering: how could ordinary citizens do such a shame that the genius president with all the power of the Rotenberg can not rebuild for 18 years? But he promises without fail ... promises ... promises. Ah, yes, he is still against it, but nothing can be done against the IMF. Are you all SERIOUS ???

That's how we live, buried. For years 100 we are buried and buried, and we all live.

You do not think right, Gennady! Narrowly! I hear a few years from people like you, that we are in the back pass and the economy is about to collapse. I, for example, do not notice this. As worked, and I work. As a rest, and rest everywhere. I do not die of hunger. Houses around are built in bundles ... There is a saying: a dog barks, and a caravan goes. Just rebuild all the srach that you have done like you need more time. But to this we are going ....

Yes, no one will not shoot anywhere - Trump without rockets and threats buried the Russian economy and millions of Russians. We continue to boast of Daggers, who will not fly anywhere, we continue to boast of nanotechnology for trillions, we continue to sit in silence and remain silent


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