Delivery of Russian helicopters


The Pentagon would review the possibility of purchasing Russian Mi-17 for Afghanistan

The Pentagon, despite its cool relations with Russia, still intends to purchase Mi-17 helicopters for Afghanistan.

As it became known, the US authorities would be ready to provide their own helicopters, but there is a very negative point in this - the staff simply will not be able to service these aircraft, and there is no time or money to retrain the aircraft technicians. Despite the fact that in the past year, the Pentagon still refused to purchase a batch of Mi-17 helicopters, most likely a contract for this will be signed at the end of this or early next year.

Experts argue that in the event of another disruption of the contract for the supply of Russian helicopters, for Afghanistan this could turn into a real disaster, since it is Russian air vehicles that can be used to accomplish the tasks set for the best.

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