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Bombardment of Syria


The Pentagon warned Russia about the beginning of a large-scale operation in Syria

Washington decided to put Russia in notice before the bombing of Syria.

Despite the fact that US President Donald Trump openly warned Russia and Syria that he was ready to inflict massive missile and air strikes on the territory of the Arab Republic, Washington, a few hours before the bombing of the territory of Syria, decided to inform Moscow of the decision that would have allowed avoiding military clashes with Russia in this region, and it is likely to minimize damage to the government facilities and forces of the Syrian Arab Republic.

"Before taking any action, the US contacted Russia in order to reduce the risk of casualties among Russian forces and the civilian population. All the targets that were chosen for the defeat are clearly part of the illegal program for the development of chemical weapons deployed by President Bashar Assad ", - Hanstman noted.

The US ambassador to Russia noted that missile and air strikes are not an act of aggression against Russia, and are only meant to destroy the facilities where chemical weapons are produced and stored.

"The Pentagon was well aware that the missile attack on Syria, as well as the air strikes by US Air Force planes, could lead to a large-scale military conflict, so it was decided in advance to warn Russia about the planned strike", - says expert

It should be clarified that military analysts called the NATO countries' attack on Syria one of the least effective in history.

You look at the yutube there is the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel, at a gas station in the states and Russia compare the prices and it will immediately become clear where and in what lies our common grief. The unhappy future of our Motherland.

Because money is real estate and the children of officials in the west And this is what the nato understands

I agree with you namesake they bite and then races and miss the Russian troops. then they will say we did not want to forgive Putin ...

Michael, but there are such brigades in Russia? To all that you wrote, to translate? Now if they will, I'm already there! Let's start doing something! Create! Change! We leave from mothers and wives, we gather. Where when?

I do not understand why our people in the rag are silent and this woodpecker liked to punish the Syrians with impunity seeing how we silently wipe the snot

I am amazed by today's politician. Russia wanted to be considered with her. But after ruining the USSR, we gave everything to the USA. Now, do not pretend to be great.

I really could not find a toothpaste, detergent powder, and another group of products for several months. Meat, milk, eggs, only in line and by coupons. And this is a great country? Bratsk, 1988 year.

This is not their millions - it's our loot, then that Nabiullina and our aligarchs are whining in their banks. "our skin is our own fat!" Overtose gentlemen, they can count there ...

My facebook also does not miss, as soon as I write, that they do not like them. Anatoly, where is freedom of speech, where is democracy?

That's interesting, why are you people with a different opinion, call govnaplyumy well, etc. society, degraded? And why did you decide that your opinion is the best? What do you offer? What kind of society should it be? Did not this society accept, all the values ​​of zapodnoy culture, economics, liberal norms, 25 years ago, having spread a huge power? Got better? By the way, adherence to the market, all the time talking, the stores were empty. But in the market, everything was, and the products were better. So, obviously, this model does not exactly fit us. But what we need is necessary for everyone, without personalities to find this model.

All this has already been heard many times, only this is very loud and beautiful words. Yes indeed the West after the hard destruction of the USSR can talk about us now. But who did it, they, the US and Europe on the ruins of the USSR, with the help of hand-made Yeltsin, created such a Russia, a country for the oligarchs and the west, obedient to them in everything. Now is the new time, Russia stood up against everything and declared itself, it does not like the USA and its satellites. With the help of pro-Western oligarchs and simply greedy businessmen, liberals despising the people of Russia, the US is trying to get us back to the miserable vassals. The people of Russia are very patient people, and this has not been tolerated, but this unforgettable people loving their land, their ancestors, sacrificing themselves for the future descendants, will stand and Russia will take its rightful place in this world, and no UPYRI will be hindered by it.

Anatoly, what kind of ideality do you dig in your state?
Begin you and other sufferers "for democracy" with 2-x, 3-x things:
-Introduction of progressive tax
-complete confiscation of bribe takers and participants of theft from the state budget
-the whole show business, all cultural institutions should not pay, but pay taxes, as in the whole civilized world
-The government should be responsible for everything (!) happening inside the country and plowing on the well-being of people, not only on their "families"

a good chance under the "noise" American re-attack Syria bombing a couple of dozen amerikosov. then let them understand, but it will be later. Well, we ask that they forgive us or prove that they were American "axes". And what the electronics stuffed up, because it happens.

And my glass is half full! Believe in the best and you will be fully satisfied.

And is it normal that the administration does not allow my comments, which say that Russia is not perfect? Alexei, and what is the freedom of speech?

Alyoshka, what freedom of speech in our country? Ahahah ... In our democratic state 0% of democracy. Power to the people does not listen. I agree that V. Putin in foreign policy is simply a bomb, but in the internal one I will not say anything. Since 2008, the country's economy has grown by 4.5%, and in all other developed countries by 40-50%. I want to say more about our "tactical ally." China has become an economic superpower. High technology in the field of space and military affairs Beijing from the post-Soviet space pumped. China is interested in the European market and creates the "New Silk Road". China has captured powerful financial and economic positions in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. Military expansion also began, while it is cautious, but it is necessary. Beijing has certain contacts with the ruling houses of England, the dynasty of Windsor and the Rothschilds. Chinese dragons, with the support of a part of the global elite, create their world order, their world currency - the golden yuan. Russia in this scenario is only a "pipe", a raw material appendage that supplies energy, timber, metals, agricultural products, etc. In the long term, with the further degradation of the country and the extinction of the Russian people, we will continue the traditional path for Russia-Russia. She lived like this for centuries. It is necessary to directly admit that we are a separate, original civilization. We have our own way of development, that we abandon Western capitalism, the society of consumption and self-destruction. Our ideal is the "kingdom of truth".

Reset the bomb on the volcano and the ends of the volcano in the water

Every foreigner dreams of such a president as a GDV. We have more freedom of speech than in Europe. In Germany, I can go to the Russian news sites. If you consider libel and treachery to be freedom of speech, then I think such people are worse than murderers. It's traitors in hell at the very bottom. How can they get drunk when they believe in money from the west

Now let the United States and the like, explain to their nolgoplatilschikam what their states' money was spent on, since this aggression did not reach the goal, and there are nowhere to hide 150 million dollars, while the percentage of poor and destitute is enormous.

We will warn the US when we fuck them.

And who was put to the wall? You, for example, how many times already shot for your opinion?

So you have to fuck around London?
Or where there was a laboratory where they made / identified the poison that was poisoned by the Violins?
A similar case, as they say - the English special services used anti-personnel agents against their citizens. Is not it?
Russia should not tolerate this.

In the US and in the West, many have sold the soul to the devil for dollars, so the whole of mankind is alien to them and they will always be only a little until no one remains on the ground.

This is only part of the truth. Their main goal is to split Russia into small principalities, and then to transmit them as bedbugs. Take all the resources belonging to Russia and sell them to their satellites. After all, AMERICA is above all! This is America's special mission in this world. Dolanet them soon China on all fronts, and we need to wait for this time.

The West and the US are thriving robbing other states, ravaging Iraq, hanging under the pretext of chemical weapons, destroying Libya. In these countries, Western and US companies are shaking oil and gas. Russia will begin to thrive economically and scientifically, the US will begin provocations to destabilize the situation in Russia , Germany conducted experiments on live children and prisoners of war for five years, all these medical results were transferred to the US. By disarming Russia in 1990, the US recruited leading experts in medicine and science in its country. there is a bloodsucking planet earth-the US, not seeing the prosperity of Russia.

The degradation of social consciousness is evident. Each individual (not to be confused with a person), with the exception of units, for himself, against everyone, and all together for Great Putin. In fact, the state is a potential policeman ready to put anyone who has an opinion of his own, and Putin, on the wall. Unlike narrow-bodied gavnoplyuyev and petty thieves, with envy and servility looking at the "well" stewards of power, I'm ashamed for the fact that my country becomes an outcast in the world community, because of a handful of brazen thieves in the law, who have no honor, not Conscience, not virtues. How can you hate your country, so foolishly drown it in shit. Occupants and their servants. Here are your names.
Koment does not concern sensible people!

I have never been ashamed of my country. We have always been stolen, but Russia, unlike Europe and America, was not a thief's den and did not steal itself. She begged and forgave everyone's debts, and everyone spit on her, including her own people. Why did Hitler, after occupying all of Europe, not touch Switzerland? Because it was a thieving obshchak. Why did Europe and America, so pious, not spit our bandits in the face, but warmed and fondled?

Misters americans, and you fly over the territory of your country or by invitation or in the international space and do not put your long nose where you are not invited! And no one will touch you and cause you, sickness, spiritual suffering! And anyway, what are the nervous at the helm of planes?