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The Pentagon got angry at Germany because of the refusal of the F-35 fighter jets

In the USA, they were outraged by the refusal of Germany to buy F-35 fighter jets.

A few days ago, the German Ministry of Defense refused to acquire F-35, which is manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Although this American fighter belongs to the fifth generation, the Bundeswehr withdrew it from the tender, suggesting to purchase the fighter "Tornado", which has long been in service with the country's air forces.

This option is aimed at further strengthening the cooperation of Germany with France in the field of industrial production. By the beginning of 2030, the two countries are planning to create their own fighter, using the latest achievements.

Refusal to purchase F-35 is hitting the future reputation and earnings of the American company Lockheed Martin. She had high hopes for the sale of his fighter in European countries. There was no doubt about the upcoming success, because there was an orientation on the supply of cars to Germany. About the upcoming success and the results achieved in the past. So, in the 2018 year, the X-NUMX F-34 fighter was sold to Belgium. The total amount of the contract has reached 35 billion dollars.

In the USA, such a decision of Germany was accepted, to put it mildly, without approval. The American media launched a campaign whose goal was to explicitly discredit the German government.

The US media together made prophecies that the deterrent effect of NATO in the East will decrease. The reason will be the reduction in combat readiness of the air forces of European countries. As for the decision taken by Germany, because of it, the country will not have fifth-generation fighter jets, while other NATO countries continue their movement “into the future of aviation”.

"To date, eight countries of the alliance agree to purchase F-35"- remind the American media.

"Thus, they will be able to ensure the superiority of NATO forces in the air, participating in the missions of the alliance. German forces without such an aircraft will not be able to perform what the elite group can. German pilots will be able to perform only missions of secondary importance. In addition, without F-35, the German Air Force will not be able to carry out the NATO nuclear missions "

This is what the issue of the American edition of "DefenseNews" is about. As for the other American media, in them the situation is exposed in a much more rigid form. Reaches frank indignation by the decision of the German government.

Some US experts went even further. They receive proposals to punish Berlin with sanctions. At the same time, the reason is not only the refusal to buy F-35, but also the active participation of Germany in the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project.

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