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The Pentagon decided to launch military missiles through the airspace of Russia

Washington intended to launch missile and air strikes through Russian territory.

Most recently, it turned out that the US Congress Research Center was considering the possibility of launching a global strike on the enemy with non-nuclear weapons through Russian airspace. In fact, this means that if the need arises, the United States of America, completely without coordinating with Russia, can launch dozens or even hundreds of non-nuclear missiles at the enemy through the airspace of the Russian Federation, and, not only ships, but also strategic bombers of the USAF.

This position became known after analysts were concerned with the question of whether Russia would react aggressively to launching missiles, and whether it would strike a preventive blow if the Pentagon's actions were misinterpreted. Against this background, it was decided to "coordinate" possible actions, although it is quite obvious that without visible necessity, Russia will not go to the US for any concessions.

“And where is Russia to the US foreign policy?” We are accused of excessive aggression, imposing sanctions, accused of attacking civilians in Syria, and at the same time want to still interfere in their personal affairs? It is safe to say that Russia will not allow the use of its airspace for the flight of American missiles in order to deliver a global strike, regardless of whether it is a nuclear or a non-nuclear weapon. Attempts by the United States to resolve this issue unilaterally very poorly end for this superpower, which, most likely, in Washington are well aware ", - said the analyst

Moreover, it is completely unknown who the United States of America intends to attack with its global blow. In fact, to date, there are only a few countries that are able to use their weapons against the United States - Russia, China, the DPRK and Pakistan, ie. actually allies in relation to each other.

The only way out for the US will be to use its military bases in other regions, since any rash actions on the part of the Pentagon will lead to a full-scale military conflict, in which the entire planet is likely to be drawn.

Very correctly speaking

There are no peacekeeping missiles.

And do not look for ways. We must break them from afar !!!

lukas you are a typical up to **** savage creature! Pendous are not warriors, but cowardly shopkeepers and will not risk for their own safety since the answer will arrive not slow. I suspect that you hahla a piece of Maidan!

As soon as they stick it out, they'll get it in the teeth! Let them knock them down for a start, and then act as mirror methods conduct exercises through the US firing rockets through the airspace of America

Good question. It turns out that traitors :)

And further, I spread myself by thought (or Mysyu - to whom it will be pleased) by the tree. In the event of war of any state with Russia, its soldiers, former servicemen of the SA, the Navy and the USSR Air Force for Russian legislation become in violation of the oath, that is, war criminals, with all the ensuing consequences.

And an interesting case with a military oath. I took the oath to the Soviet Union. Now he's gone. I do not seem to owe anyone anything. But according to international norms, the Russian Federation is the legal successor of the USSR, so I am a military liable to the Russian Federation. And who then those who took the oath of the USSR, and then went to serve in the army of other states? )))

I hope Russian military engineers have already found an effective way to land the necessary number of troops in the territory of Pindosia.

In case of refusal to provide its airspace for the flight of peacekeeping missiles, one can blame Russia for not wanting to help fighters for the bright future of the entire galaxy.

in the Soviet Union there was not such an open awareness, because it seemed to us that everything was quiet and smooth

Typically, someone will have to ask Russia))) So far only Russia has been bogged down, creating a "super-mega-ultra-rocket" with a nuclear engine of unlimited flight range, which fell through 35 kilometers. Oh yeah, forgot to write that this is a superpower)))

it's ridiculous to read such comments .....

Yes, this America is fucking, even North Korea could not punish, obkakalsya liquid! What kind of Russia talk? They, these monkeys, are sitting on Eloston, and this is the scourge of the atomic bomb, and they know it! Only a little shake the ground next to him and the whole of amerikosii Trindets will come. They only have one bruised on their head, McCain, and that nuclear button could have been pressed if he had been given such powers, after his last breath before his death, and so also poured another puff ...

!!! Trump with his gangsters from Congress and Senate-sleep and see the seizure of Russia !!! Let them try it !!! The American people-ists will get rid of this band !!!!!

Thank God you're not in Putin's place, because a super-hard (wise and not smart) leader will lead to war!

Paramon. see the TV channels "Match" and "Culture", do not go to the Internet will not be, "drugs, prostitution and porn." And thousands of jobs you can find now: he's a hospital attendant, a nurse, a watchman, etc., they are much larger than in the USSR.

You are like my cat. Only he has meat instead of Toyota in the refrigerator. Cat is excusable, he is an animal.

He used to wear sashes, he gave an oath. So I'll get up. Sons wear epaulets, so that they will go.

You need to create a pindosia headache, in the form of rockets on a cube or in Mexico. Then they will have no time to bark at Russia.

write more literate, or your patriotism proceeds through stupidity.

Prokhor find me a job, and a pound of bucks a month will pay you and two me, as before Language we all can

seems strange to the softness of our government in relation to countries such as England Ukraine Israel the United States they are insolent but we only take the warnings

And are you ready to put yourself under a gun and take your sons with you to the war? Or are you hoping to sit on the couch?

"Attempts by the United States to resolve this issue unilaterally will very badly end for this superpower ..."
Something I recently, unfortunately, I doubt in the "deplorable completion." It is unlikely that they will cry from what we regret.

America lives by selling weapons, how do you imagine its existence if it does not shoot?

In all the Amerikos are to blame, they want to rule the world, together with the Hebrews, and therefore they destroy the world, I would have given Putin in the place of Putin, but Putin is very soft, I do not understand why, he tolerates them all the time,

Why does not Russia really put Pindosia on the brink of destruction so that the Pindos every morning would thank the gods that they were awake and alive? Something like Khrushchev did. After all, we constantly assure them of their own safety.

And the Americans have not tried at all to not strike anyone and do not even plan them? Then there would not be any problems. Or do cowboys all the time itch in one place? So do not comb it.

Vovan for Vovan at 100%

So, we get consent to launch missiles through the airspace of Russians. A couple of times we demonstrate full compliance with the agreement and let "right", and a little later, when they get used to it, let's start as we need and say that we have nothing to do with the rockets you came from the Russians? Hence from the Russians. They are to blame for everything! Evil wild barbarians. Nobody is respected.

I agree to all 100 - in Soviet times everything was more stable and predictable, and everything was enough and was more fun

Oh well ...
1. these "persecutors" have tried many times here to "start" something ... just the result of these "persecutions" is always sad.
2. now even "squeak" will not have time and Fukushima (read Hiroshima and Nagasaki) will seem "annoying misunderstanding."
3. "Samurai" though puffing something about the island, but they are far from stupid people, well aware of the inability to fuck them. There are a lot of reasons for this, beginning with the possibility of strategic passes of the Russian Navy and ending with the only deposits of rhenium in the world.

About the rest, we will not even talk (I mean "to the Urals"). So it's time to take the pot off your head and try to activate the remains of that very organ called the brain. The main thing is not to overexert yourself, and then with unaccustomed you can earn a brain dislocation =)

Rockets, like the entire defense industry, are needed, and the front line. But about another job, to have a toy, that's not right. If everyone goes and find a well-paid job, then who will teach in schools, to treat (doctors, nurses, nurses), det.sady, etc. (there are a lot of them). They have a salary of 12-18tys. Rub. (For food and for jkh). Still there are poor pensioners. They all do not need our country. Russian citizens are so busy making money for food that they do not even have time to think where the truth is, where lies are, where it's good, where it's bad. Cause people do not for that.

Gold words. Children from five years of quietly walked alone. Porn, prostitution and drugs were almost nonexistent. There were no wars in the country. There was no terrible ethnic hatred. Work places are blocked.

Yes, there is little in Russia's nuclear weapons for a retaliatory strike-very little. It needs to be redirected to the nuclear reactors of Europe and America. Only this can give a victory-die out in the West EVERYTHING in a week-10000 Chernobyl in the stratosphere. Well, do not forget before the preventive blow to upload something to the West that is not good in the gas transportation system together with natural gas. Anyone who fries potatoes on gas stoves in homes in the West will immediately become safe. Like all the others, walking in the air within a radius of 50 km from any gas-fired power station. Although these are bad and criminal methods of warfare and Trump would be indignant and yelled that we are dishonest people.

Pentagon? rockets? can over the territory of the states a rocket with a nuclear engine to start up let it fly and the manuscripts in the tone and smart thoughts will appear in the star-studded mattresses.

they will be delighted

Only an idiot can allow the spans of his enemy, supposedly for the defeat of another state, through his territory.

I was born! And I remember: "... And remember the little girls on the day of the funeral will sing you a song 16 tons ..." Do you need this?

You were not born when the war was in Vietnam.

Maybe we offended someone in vain,
Discarded 15 megaton.
And now it is burning, and the earth is melting,
Where the Pentagon was once.

I agree. I created this stuff in Vietnam by the 75 in Vietnam. And B 52 and phantoms, and now even more so for them pipets.

Hello, Seryozha! Will you and Toyota and the samurai, who will drive you (on foot), sitting in his Toyota, from Vladik to the Urals.

Hello, Seryozha! Will you and Toyota and the samurai, who will drive you (on foot), sitting in his Toyota, from Vladik to the Urals.

Buy it !!! Why yell then ??

You are afraid, the older generation remembers that under Soviet rule life proceeded steadily and calmer, even with a shortage of many things and products, but they were of such an assignment that one could live without them, the main thing was enough! Now another story balancing, which is very bad for the same young people, they need to "zatarivatsya" for the future, it may turn out to be unknown, which was never before! And they do not have the desire to cringe, and without the "dough," apparently bow!?

Russia decided to launch military missiles through the airspace of the United States. I wonder what kind of reaction the Pentagon will have?

I remember how ROGOZIN agitated for the fact that military transport planes would fly through RUSSIA with landing and refueling in Ulyanovsk. Managed. It will also be possible: the same thieves are in the Government. And they need money: preferably American!

"We can state with confidence that Russia will not allow its airspace to be used for the flight of American missiles in order to cause a global strike, regardless of whether it is nuclear or non-nuclear weapons."
but why such confidence? I'm not sure for certain.

One girl already wanted panties.

Che you are there, a sofa, army men and cheers-patriots? What kind of muscles are you swinging here? Zadolbali on all sites like we are. We are scuffed on all sides and the tops are squeaking like you .. sportsmen and artists are very often .. one to play do not know how others giggle .. hulk to knock it off without proof !!!

The United States already as on a frying pan, is appointed as someone else to substitute, Now now their empty head came up with the idea of ​​launching missiles through the airspace of the Russian Federation, for what? and on whom to start up? What would be to substitute Russia for the whole world as the country of the aggressor. So the empty-headed Yankees hardly took into account that the Russian Federation is not a banana republic and no one can afford to do this to oneself.

If a person is an idiot, then this is for a long time. For him, the main thing is here and now, and what will happen to him at the moment does not worry. The difference between the older generation and the youth is that the former remember how they lived before and how life improves. Unlike the older generation, young people do not have this memory, so it wants to improve everything at once. Unfortunately, this is by definition impossible. Hence the protests organized by the "liberals" and their ilk.

And you seem to be a provocateur. For the sake of your Toyota, you are ready to let anyone in the sky go to heaven, the main thing is that you had the wheels. And remember how these Yankees lost the nuclear head in the exercises, they mixed it up with the training - here and imagine what will happen if this happens over your own piece of iron

Of course you will not fly on a rocket ... You will "fly" on the penis. Correct thinking, you say, form ... It's good that at least someone is concerned about the rise of patriotism in Russia, and then the solid "pads" have grown-who paid under that and will lie down. Do you want Toyota? Go work, suchara, and do not say that the salary is small, work can be changed and find one where they pay normally. And then they used to sit at home without shit and do not blame everyone except themselves.

For some Toyota, it's more important than sovereignty that they do not catch up with that with the loss of its Toyota it will not be a sales dream

Well, build it better than the Japanese.

People! Do not fall for these zombie-readings and zombie TV programs that are designed for patriotism and other bad emotions. They impose "correct" thinking on us (from their point of view). Who needs these missiles ... I want Toyota ... I will never fly on a rocket.

Only in return can they receive a nuclear strike against the states themselves. No one in Russia will understand what the missiles are. Just be an instant response

Patience is apparently our test. it's insolence towards our country. It is not advantageous to make such concessions. This means that Russia will lose its rating and allies.

And you will not feel sick

Keck and you let's take a risk or just kanjuchit you can sit under a skirt at the grandmother? Yes, and put the diapers on, I'll turn to the horse, maybe your wretch will heal.

It seems that the Pindos brain every day more and more melts and soon we will deal with monkeys. Although the primates of the brain that will be more.

It will be terrible in Russia. But on your goal, Europe is exactly

It remains to be wondered why it is possible at all. Is war inevitable ?!

You can at the same time and rashke lupanut))

So what's the problem, fly into the f-22 on the territory of Russia .... our air defense systems are powerless))) and you can even visually observe the plane for several hundred kilometers. and their stealth only works at subsonic speed, above the sound already destroys any stealth technology. It's like with buckets empty on a metal floor in an empty workshop to walk or gym. what idiot would agree to dial in to fly into protected air defense space? Such things even a clown in a circus can not say not that what is a military rank. it is like swallowing the whole cactus and not even pricked, but I can’t show it to everyone as it only happens at home at night when it's alone!

Trump: "Russia needs our help ..." Russia does not need US help. but in normal economic relations with all countries on mutually beneficial terms.
What is the matter for the colonialists and amateurs to remove scalps before what happens inside each country. "Democratic" colonialists, calm down in their borders, and Iran, Syria, the DPRK, China, Russia, etc. will solve their own problems without entering your "diocese".
Absurdity: The US demands a ban on nuclear protection for Iran, the DPRK, having nuclear potential, capable of moving the Earth Ball out of orbit! And the repeated proposals of the USSR on eliminating nuclear weapons were rejected. Quite the guys lost their minds because of their dollar power.
Of course, Russia was hindering Napoleon and Hitler from singly, now Macron and Merkel, led by the United States, want to bring together an unacceptable "democratic" order. But the "democrats" lose sight of the fact that their efforts can lead to the fact that "our Earthland will soon fall off the orbit!"


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