The Pentagon has declared a preventive nuclear strike

The Pentagon gathered to deliver a preemptive nuclear strike.

Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, announced that Washington should understand that a preventive nuclear strike on US opponents is key to US national security, and the United States should not miss this opportunity.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States did not disclose any details, and Dunford noted that there are a number of circumstances that could lead to a preemptive nuclear strike.

“I can also imagine a number of circumstances in which we would not like to exclude this option for the president in the future, and I, of course, could have discussed it in a private meeting”- stressed Dunford.

Experts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that today the main potential opponents of the United States are Russia and China, and therefore, the statement of Dunford can be regarded as an objective threat against these two states, which is especially important after the breakdown of the Treaty on the Elimination of Missiles medium and shorter range.

On the other hand, aggressive statements by the Pentagon can lead to the fact that Russia can change its approach to the policy of preventive nuclear strike.

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