VCS of Russia in Syria


The truce on Idlib was broken?

The validity of the ultimatum, allotted to the militants and terrorists holding Idlib, came to an end.

Despite the fact that it was the Turkish side that insisted on creating a demilitarized zone in Idlib, this country did not take proper measures to disarm the armed opposition, militants and terrorists, and the heavy weapons are still in the hands of armed gangs. Against this background, Russia and Syria are preparing for the resumption of a large-scale offensive operation, in particular, we are talking about massive air strikes by the Russian military and a ground operation by the Syrian army.

Despite statements by the Turkish side that all measures have been taken to withdraw heavy weapons from the demilitarized zone, the current truce is still violated, in particular, relatively recently, several Syrian soldiers died because of the shelling of militants. The clashes between the military and the radicals were reduced to a minimum, but Turkey was not able to keep its promises to disarm the terrorists given it by regularly organizing protests against the current Syrian authorities.

According to expert estimates, if in the near future the militants continue to conduct their activities, the Russian videoconferencing will continue to strike at Idlib, however, obviously, the Turkish authorities will in every way prevent this.