Petropavlovsk Airport


Petropavlovsky airport can begin to reconstruct and modernize as early as this year

Petropavlovsk airport urgently needs reconstruction.

At the moment, the airport of Petropavlovsk can not accept large aircraft and this jeopardizes its very existence. It is noted that, in fact, the airport does not have any service at all, and this in turn affects the regular annual drop in passenger traffic.

In all likelihood, in the near future, the Kazakh authorities should expect the allocation of funds for the modernization of the airport complex. In particular, it became known that if approved, the submitted project for the reconstruction of Petropavlovsk Airport will be reconstructed, extended and extended the runway, moreover, it is also planned to completely retool the air terminal complex, and it is possible that the updated airport will appear by 2019-2020 years.