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Italian airline pilot threatened the crash, if the wife will leave him

Italian pilot threatened to break up the airliner when it will leave from the wife.

According to aviation portal, the pilot of the Italian airline that was to perform a flight between Rome and Tokyo would make a disaster for several hundred people. As we found out, the man had quarreled with his wife, and she began to threaten him with divorce, and to save his marriage, the man said that in case of divorce, he intends to make a crash involving more than two hundred people.

Just half an hour prior to departure flight, police arrested the pilot of the Italian airline, and as it turned out, he was really ready to go for the death of hundreds of passengers, if the wife does not listen to his demands.

At the moment, the man faces a psychiatric examination, however, if it is found sane, the most likely threat of disaster, he can get a few years in prison.