Pilot "UTair" has decided to throw passengers from Domodedovo to Vnukovo

The pilot airline "UTair" stragglers threw passengers from Domodedovo to Vnukovo.

On a rather unusual case, the news agency became known a few hours ago. According to reliable sources, this morning, due to thick fog, the UTair passenger airliner, instead of landing at Vnukovo’s capital airport, was forced to land at Domodedovo airport, however, it turned out that several passengers of the flight did not may have time for their connecting flights, in view of which the pilot of the domestic airline, decided to “throw” passengers at Vnukovo airport.

It is reported that the aircraft commander followed to the best of his instructions and has carried out the flight when the visibility on the runway was nominally safe value in 700 meters

Your destination (Vnukovo) plane is not reached due to the weather. After improving weather flew to alternate aerodrome (Domodedovo) to the destination (Vnukovo). This is called the alternate care for the weather.

This is normal!!! Visibility is excellent !!! A zhurnalyugi need to write on the walls.

... And what is this ?! Yes, just clever FAC.