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Swiss Pilots plane almost crashed at Amsterdam airport

Swiss airline plane nearly crashed while landing in Amsterdam.

According to the information agency, during the flight, the pilots of the Swiss airline, recklessly relying on the experience they had, by their actions created a dangerous situation for the aircraft and passengers aboard, miraculously avoiding a catastrophe. As follows from official data, due to the gale at Schiphol airport, the plane shook so much, and despite the fact that at the time of the first attempt to land the aircraft had already touched the runway, the pilots were forced to re-gain altitude, as lurched.

Luckily, the plane crash, and no terrible consequences was avoided, however, as noted by the flight passengers, the situation was really very scary.

Warning: So that's how I say it has concluded such a situation knowing of the dangers associated with the weather, I would like to fly in such bad weather suspended if you can not then do not need to risk passengers c ...

Missed approach - this is not the pilot's fault! LRA competent decisions pilot!

What a news. Missed approach. Write no more than what? No news?


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