Captured Turks: the shameful flight of Turkish special forces from Syria hit the video

Dozens of Turkish commandos were captured by the Syrian army.

The Russian information and news publication Russian Spring published a video of war journalist Oleg Blokhin, on which you can see how several dozen Turkish military escorted from the territory surrounded by Syrian forces. Actions take place on the M5 highway, which came under the control of the Syrian government forces, and only Russia saved the complete destruction of the Turkish special forces.

“Military commander Oleg Blokhin recorded a moment when Russian troops escorted Turkish military equipment on the strategically important Damascus-Aleppo highway, which recently came under the complete control of the Syrian Arab army as a result of the crushing defeat of pro-Turkish militants and their curators from Ankara. “Oil painting. The Russian military police are escorting the Turks on the M5 highway, ”the war correspondent commented on his shots. In the video you can see the armored car “Tiger” at the head of the column, Turkish Kirpi armored vehicles with special forces and trucks, the military KamAZ of the RF Armed Forces closes the cavalcade ”- сообщает edition.

Judging by the number of vehicles, we can talk about three to four dozen Turkish troops who had to leave Syria to avoid destruction by the Syrian army.

“A few days before, the Turkish Ministry of Defense pompously stated that the Turkish special forces would fight to the end, but here you see a sad picture - captured Turks are escaping from the Syrian army under the escort of the Russian military. Erdogan can only burn with shame "- notes the military observer.

Ankara does not officially comment on data on the flight of Turkish special forces.

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