The PMR will not approach Russia with a request to join

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) Galina Antyufeyeva denied reports of plans for the region to apply to join Russia at the upcoming congress of deputies of all levels. The congress, scheduled for February 28 in Tiraspol, was caused by pressure from Moldova on the PMR. Some Moldovan media, including Deschide, financed by the Romanian government, disseminated information about the possible appeal of the PMR to Russia. Antyufeyeva called such reports “incredibly stupid” and a provocation, pointing to the results of the 2006 referendum, where residents spoke out on this issue.

The vice-speaker emphasized the importance of maintaining peaceful relations and protecting the rights and freedoms of PMR citizens in the current difficult situation, focusing on the position of the head of Pridnestrovie Vadim Krasnoselsky. Antyufeyeva expressed confidence that the congress will be aimed at drawing attention to the pressure on the PMR and the need for dialogue to resolve conflicts.

“It is in this spirit that the congress will be held tomorrow - to attract attention, to demonstrate that we cannot agree and will not allow such pressure. Of course, we will call for dialogue, to meet and talk at any venue. I am sure that we will be heard and some measures will be taken", - said Antyufeyeva, emphasizing the PMR’s desire for peace and dialogue in the face of external pressure.


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