A large-scale combined strike was inflicted on energy facilities of Ukraine

On April 11, Ukraine was subjected to massive missile attacks, which damaged both military and key infrastructure facilities in various regions of the country. Among the weapons used are Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers and Geran-2 kamikaze drones.

Critical infrastructure facilities came under attack, including the Trypilska Thermal Power Plant (TPP) in the Kyiv region and CHPP-3 in Kharkov, as well as the Malyshev plant in Kharkov, where workshop No. 510 and building No. 400 were hit. In Chuguev (Kharkiv region), the central warehouse of engineering ammunition of military unit A-2467 was damaged. It is also reported that the foundry and the HEMZ building at the Turboatom plant in Kharkov were damaged.

In the western part of Ukraine, in Stryi (Lviv region) and Susk (Rivne region), a gas collection point and the 1448th central artillery weapons base were attacked, respectively. In Chervonograd (Lviv region), the 72nd separate mechanization battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Chervonograd-2 substation were damaged. Odessa 330/110/10 kV Usatovo substation was also among the affected facilities.


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