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Turkish missiles launched on Russian military in Syria

The Russian military air base is attacked by a missile strike.

A little more than a day ago, the Russian military Khmeimim airbase, located in Syria, was subjected to rocket fire from the so-called de-escalation zones. According to sources, at least 7 missiles were fired at the Russian military, while the attack was carried out by the city of Jisr al-Shugu, where militants were spotted several hours before.

Given the distance to the front line in this direction, experts note that only Turkish T-122 Sakarya MLRS, which use long-range missiles, could attack the Russian military air base, and the attack on the Russian military air base was made after a statement of readiness was made break all existing agreements on Syria with Russia.

It is known that the air defense systems of the Russian military air base "Khmeimim" successfully repelled a missile strike. Moreover, sources report that a few minutes after the shelling of the Russian military, the Russian air forces carried out missile and bomb attacks on terrorists, which in turn indicates the fact that Russia intends to suppress any actions of militants by reacting to them in the most severe way .

According to some reports, since the beginning of this year this is the first missile attack on the Russian military air base "Khmeimim".

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