Saudi Arabia was hit by a ballistic missile after Iran’s terrorism charges. Video

Following Riyadh's statement on “Iranian terrorism,” a ballistic missile hit Saudi Arabia.

A few hours ago, a representative of official Riyadh unexpectedly stated that Iran was a terrorist threat, however, just a few hours later, a Burkan-2 ballistic missile was launched through Saudi Arabia, as demonstrated by the corresponding video frames.

As you can see in the video that was available to, the Burkan-2 ballistic missile, identified later by debris, was launched from the territory of neighboring Yemen, while the missile was successfully intercepted by the Patriot air defense system a few kilometers from airbase them. King Khalid.

At the moment, there are no official statements from Riyadh, however, sources say that several missiles were launched.

It should be clarified that, in reality, the Patriot missiles failed to intercept the Burkan-2 ballistic missile far from the first time - initially it successfully overcame two Patriot positional systems in northwestern Saudi Arabia, and only funds allocated to airbase them. King Khalid was able to hit a ballistic target.

Experts do not exclude that the current missile strike could become a new round of tension in the region, while new attacks on oil fields in Saudi Arabia are possible.

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