Dozens of incendiary munitions hit Ugledar

Dozens of strikes with 9M22S incendiary ammunition hit the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ugledar.

Against the backdrop of how the Ukrainian troops firmly hold Vuhledar, it became known that 9M22S incendiary ammunition was used to defeat the positions of the Ukrainian military. The latter are capable of extremely effectively destroying protected positions, firing points and military equipment of the enemy. The corresponding video footage of the strikes was at the disposal of journalists.

On video footage taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, one can see that the attacks on Ugledar with 9M22S incendiary ammunition were carried out in several passes. This provided an opportunity for inflicting maximum damage to the enemy and destroying positions from which fire was fired at the forces storming this city.

Judging by the number of incendiary submunitions, at least 20-30 9M22S rockets were fired. Submunitions have a high combustion temperature and are easily capable of burning even protected military equipment, although they are more effective at hitting open enemy positions.


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