Tunoshna Airport


"Victory" is preparing to flights from Yaroslavl to Sochi

Russian loukosterov "Victory" intends to establish air communication between Yaroslavl and Sochi.

According to the official resources available Avia.pro data, flights from Yaroslavl to Sochi will be carried out by the airline "Victory" in the period from June to 1 19 September this year, however, will be performed passenger flights with a frequency of only once a week, which, apparently, can be attributed to insufficient for passengers on this air route.

At the moment, the cost of tickets is still unknown, but, according to experts, it will be largely more favorable than that of other Russian air carrier, also intends to start work on this in routing.

It might be worth to work on the cost of air tickets and somehow 40000 back and forth on 2 adults and a child is very expensive, given the fact that you can fly from Moscow for 11000 ....